Whether you're looking for coach travel, flights, accommodations, or the complete school tour package, we have you covered! Call one of our travel consultants and we'll help you organise your entire school trip. We work directly with other associates to get the best deals - our prices won't disappoint!


  • Planning risk mitigation with each individual school
  • Organising DFAT registration for International Tours
  • Quality accommodation with breakfast, most lunches and dinner included
  • Free teacher travel (1:10) inclusive
  • One of the most important components of any travel program is travel insurance. Travel insurers play a central role when it comes to providing financial and logistical on the ground support in a crisis.
  • FREE tour administration and documentation services
  • Itinerary Booklet Production (per student)
  • Student data collection direct from parents (medical, diets, passports, visa, contacts etc.)
  • Parent payment plans and communication updates
  • Student identification lanyards, branded spray jackets or shirts and touring backpacks
  • Free parent presentation and resources (invitation letters, handouts etc.)


  • We Guarantee a Personal & Prompt Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • No hidden extras
  • 100% personalised itineraries ensuring your tour is everything you expect it to be
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Members of AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents), ATAS and CLIA
  • Insolvency Insurance to protect you against the collapse of a travel supplier



Go beyond the classroom with our programs designed for primary school students. We understand that each school has different requirements, which is why our tours are planned in consultation with teachers.



2021 TOURS


Bring learning to life. There’s no doubt, school tours add value to a student’s personal development, understanding and overall education.  Our secondary school tours allow students to experience new cultures, encouraging them to discover new things.


2021 TOURS


 We understand developing your school tour, needs to meet your school's educational requirements. Let a CPAC Travel manager help customise the perfect journey for you and your students. 


Our Vision

Giving a little time on ones journey, can help make a world of difference for those less fortunate than themselves.  Most of our tours allow students to volunteer their time for one morning, helping those in need.  For some students, they carry on their volunteer work when returning home.


How do my students participate?

CPAC Travel has connections with several volunteer organisations around the world.  At the initial stages of planning, we discuss with teachers the options available to students, to ensure all health and safety requirements have been met.   Not only do students get to experience life overseas, they can also help the disadvantaged and gain self-confidence in doing so.

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